Poetry & Music

Poetry & Music

Each of the great arts has its own appeal and its own way of appeal and each in its own way is supreme above all others.
– Sri Aurobindo

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  • Journey to the House of Light

    Photography and poetry of spirituality and sustainability

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  • CD: 10 Poems by Sri Aurobindo

    Recitation by Graeme Allwright, with music by Holger

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  • Collected Poems (p)

    The collected poetical works of Sri Aurobindo

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  • Descent of a New Music, The

    A seeking and exploration of a New Music “from supernal spheres”, including hundreds of recommended performances that offer hints to the listener

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  • Devotion: An Anthology of Spiritual Poems

    An anthology of spiritual poems by devotees of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

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  • Flowers for the Soul

    A beautiful collection of inspired quotes with accompanying artistic flower portraits

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  • Future Poetry

    An examination of the historical trends of English poetry and poetry in general, and an exploration into the poetry of the future.

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  • Letters on Poetry and Art

    Comprised of letters written by Sri Aurobindo on poetry, literature, art and aesthetics, and their relation to the practice of Yoga.

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  • Living in the Presence

    Recollections by Shobha Mitra

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  • Sri Aurobindo on Shakespeare

    In this book the author has linked together many of Sri Aurobindo’s insights and critical observations on Shakespeare.

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  • Sunil: The Mother’s Musician

    by Clifford Gibson

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Showing all 11 results