Words of the Mother I


On Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, the Ashram, Auroville, India, and the World.

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Consists primarily of brief written statements by the Mother about Sri Aurobindo, herself, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, India and nations other than India. Written over a period of nearly sixty years (1914-1973), the statements are compiled from her notes, messages and correspondence. The volume also includes several conversations.

We have faith in Sri Aurobindo.

He represents for us something we formulate to ourselves with words which seem to us the most exact for expressing our experience. These words are evidently the best according to us for formulating our experience.

But if, in our enthusiasm, we were convinced that they are the only appropriate words to express correctly what Sri Aurobindo is and the experience he has given us, we would become dogmatic and be on the point of founding a religion.

He who has a spiritual experience and a faith, formulates it in the most appropriate words for himself.

But if he is convinced that this expression is the only correct and true one for this experience and faith, he becomes dogmatic and tends to create a religion.

Words of the Mother, Vol. 1

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