With Goodwill…


A compilation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s writings on the subject of goodwill

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“Indeed, the good will hidden in all things reveals itself everywhere to the one who carries good will in his consciousness. This is a constructive way of feeling which leads straight to the Future.” — The Mother

“Good will for all and good will from all is the basis of peace and harmony.” — The Mother

“In the self above there is a spiritual calm and equality, a goodwill to all or at a certain stage a quiet indifference to all except the Divine; in the psychic there is an equal kindness or love to all fundamentally, but there may be special relations with one—but the vital is always unequal and full of likes and dislikes. By the sadhana the vital must be quieted down; it must receive from the self above its quiet goodwill and equality to all things and from the psychic its general kindness or love.” — Sri Aurobindo

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