Talks with Sri Aurobindo (2 volume set)


Conversations between Sri Aurobindo and an intimate circle of disciples during the last 12 years of his life.


by Nirodbaran

Talks with Sri Aurobindo is a thousand-page record of Sri Aurobindo’s conversations with the disciples who attended to him during the last twelve years of his life. The talks are informal and open-ended, for the attendants were free to ask whatever questions came to mind. Sri Aurobindo speaks of his own life and work, of the Mother and the Ashram, of his path of Yoga and other paths, of India’s social, cultural and spiritual life, of the country’s struggle for political independence, of Hitler and the Second World War, of modern science, art and poetry, and of many other things that arose in the course of conversation. Serious discussion is balanced with light-hearted banter and humour. By recording these human touches, Nirodbaran has brought out the warm and intimate atmosphere of the talks.

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