Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri: An Approach and a Study


Meant to acquaint readers with the general idea, the legend and the symbols behind the epic.

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by Purani, A.B.

The author states in the preface, “Savitri is a great epic which ushers in a new age in poetic creation. Being a masterpiece of the greatest mystic of our times it does not lend itself easily to mere intellectual understanding. Its meaning, rather its Reality, is to be felt. One has to allow the vibration of it to sink into oneself, one has to arouse in himself the power of vision and see what the Master is showing.

“In course of reading Savitri with some friends I tried to make it better and more easily understood by acquainting them with the general idea, the symbols, the legend etc.

“This book is the result of putting all that material for the general reader. It is hoped that the book will fulfil its purpose of encouraging and helping earnest students to enter into the Master’s great vision.”

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