Sri Aurobindo: Prophet of Life Divine


An excellent introduction to the life and teaching of Sri Aurobindo.

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by Haridas Chauduri

This delightful reading book is an excellent introduction to the life and teaching of Sri Aurobindo, the great sage and poet-philospher of modern India. With admirable clarity and precision, the author expounds the fundamental priciples of integrated living (Purna Yoga) based upon Sri Aurobindo’s integral world-view (Integral Non-dualism).

Professor Robert A. McDermott of Baruch College, New York, says in his introduction to the American edition of the book: Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, who was “the first to present Sri Aurobindo’s thought to American readers…has not only rendered more intelligible Sri Aurobindo’s thought and discipline but also makes recent developments in the world-wide Aurobindo movement more meaningful in relation to the germinal ideas from which they have emerged.”

“What integral nondualism and integral yoga will come to mean in future years will be a function of the dynamic interaction between the basic teachings as expounded in this study and the myriad developments presently under way.”

“The book effectively presents Aurobindo’s case for a discipline which includes the humanistic impulse but also transforms that impulse into a spiritual endeavor. The goal of this endeavor is the Life Divine on earth” i.e., an internationally unified global society inspired by a higher consciousness.

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