Savitri’s Children


“An Evolutionary Tale of Love, Death, & the Healing of the Earth”


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Savitri’s Children, an evolutionary novel inspired by actual events and experiences, is a powerfully- transformative love story that chronicles our species emergence at this life-critical turning point in our evolution. At once personal and planetary – with life and death, breakthrough or breakdown, hanging in the balance – the story plays out over sixty years, 1956 to Spring 2016.

Fleshed out in India and America through three generations of a cross-cultural family, the narrative draws from the well of two compelling Indian legends, symbols, feminine archetypes that share the same name, Savitri: one, a bride-to-be spurned by the God she was to marry; the other, a woman who heroically fights the Lord of Death for the life of her beloved.

As such, this story is both a creative fusion of these two myths, as well as a contemporary successor and original offspring in her own right, carrying forward the next passage in a Story still being written. Which is why it is called Savitri’s Children: An Evolutionary Tale of Love, Death & the Healing of the Earth…

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