Revolt of the Earth


An autobiographical account of the author’s experience of physical transformation.

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by Satprem

An intense autobiographical account after years of “digging” in the body, in which Satprem takes stock of the situation of mankind.

The next species is not an “improvement” of the previous one. It isn’t something added, like fins, legs, or wings, or some new convolutions of the cerebrum; it is something falling away, and that “something” falling away is essentially what causes the death of all species. That primordial cocoon covering and ruining everything.

There is no “superman.” There is another man, or perhaps a first man, because up until now there have been mostly mortal animals, equipped with a more or less skillful intelligence for escaping their sorry condition, either from the top or the bottom.

Neither the spiritual top nor the material bottom can help us, but the depths of our body can-such profound depths that they may go back to an age prior to the trilobites and the lithosphere. We can expect nothing from extra-terrestrials, but we can definitely expect something from a tremendously powerful secret within some still-unknown intra-terrestrial.

Hence, we already have a direction-to indulge in a bit of aquatic, and soon-to-be amphibian, philosophy-that nothing in this universe can be if it is not for joy. A creation or “way of being” based on death, hell, and suffering makes no sense whatsoever, unless we say, like those poor Roman gladiators in the circus, Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant, “Hail Caesar! We who are about to die salute you!”

It seems obvious, too, that this animal body, produced by evolution and built through countless deaths, has no intelligible sense other than to find the secret of non-death and the laughter of joy in the very body issuing from death.

This is the great evolutionary challenge, and the next step of our species.

The religious and scientific proponents have misled us.

Both science and religion have crippled us-rendered us stupid-robbing us of our own powers and evolutionary secret, one by urging us to heaven, the other to a utilitarian machinery. We are not knowledgeable; we are crippled. Ultimately, are we even “human”? We are equipped with telephones, telegraphs, planes, and so on-a scientific, controlled, and indisputable way; every justification not to search for the key. And to top it all off, a medical science that offers every opportunity to die from its cures.

But where is Life in all this?

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