Questions & Answers 1957-1958


Questions and answers with the Mother.

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This book contains conversations of the Mother with members of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the students of the Ashram’s school. During this period the Mother answered questions about three works of Sri Aurobindo: Thoughts and Glimpses (second part), The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth, and The Life Divine (two of the concluding chapters).

How can one “learn of pure delight”?

“First of all, to begin with, one must through an attentive observation grow aware that desires and the satisfaction of desires give only a vague, uncertain pleasure, mixed, fugitive and altogether unsatisfactory. That is usually the starting-point.

Then, if one is a reasonable being, one must learn to discern what is desire and refrain from doing anything that may satisfy one’s desires. One must reject them without trying to satisfy them. And so the first result is exactly one of the first observations stated by the Buddha in his teaching: there is an infinitely greater delight in conquering and eliminating a desire than in satisfying it. Every sincere and steadfast seeker will realise after some time, sooner or later, at times very soon, that this is an absolute truth, and that the delight felt in overcoming a desire is incomparably higher than the small pleasure, so fleeting and mixed, which may be found in the satisfaction of his desires. That is the second step.

Naturally, with this continuous discipline, in a very short time the desires will keep their distance and will no longer bother you. So you will be free to enter a little more deeply into your being and open yourself in an aspiration to… the Giver of Delight, the divine Element, the divine Grace. And if this is done with a sincere self-giving – something that gives itself, offers itself and expects nothing in exchange for its offering – one will feel that kind of sweet warmth, comfortable, intimate, radiant, which fills the heart and is the herald of Delight.

After this, the path is easy.”

Questions and Answers 1957-1958, 23 January 1957

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