An exploration of oneness based on the teaching of Sri Aurobindo.

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by Martha S.G. Orton

This exploration of Oneness as the inherent reality of the universe, first expressed through the wisdom of the Vedas as the truth of Brahman, is based on the conceptualization of Sri Aurobindo. Beginning with the philosophical basis for understanding Oneness, the book progresses to discussing Sri Aurobindo’s explanation of how humanity derived its sense of separateness and also how it can move from this false perception to a truer knowledge of reality in the evolution of consciousness. In the process, Dr. Orton also writes of how Oneness is much more than a mental concept and can be discovered in the outer life as well as in the inmost being.

“From the days of the ancient Vedic sages and their conception of Brahman up to the present day, there are those who believe that there is a deep underlying unity in all existence – that all is truly one and, moreover, that all this Oneness is divine. This means that the world is essentially not a fragmented place and that in its essence it is not dark and conflicted, but rather that there is an inherent harmony, unity, divinity. If we accept that this is so, then everything we observe and experience is a manifestation, an expression, of the true divinity within. The belief in this divine Oneness comes to us from those who have realized it. We find this realization first described in the Vedas and the Upanishads and then also in the literature of spiritual mystics in other traditions. Furthermore, many who have not actually realized the divine Oneness believe in it or want to believe that it is so. Even without having the full realization of the divine Oneness, many have a sense of its reality, perhaps having had a glimpse of this truth, which then makes an enduring difference in their lives and vision. In any case, the reality of a divine Oneness is something that has resonance within and offers an appealing sense of promise that the world, and our lives in it, have the potential to be much more, much finer and better than they seem to be.”

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