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This tremendous document – over 6,000 pages in 13 volumes – is the day-to-day account of more than 22 years of Mother’s transformational work with the body consciousness, of her discovery of a “cellular mind” and the evolving capacity to refashion the nature of our bodies and the laws of our species. Recorded by Satprem in the course of numerous private conversations with Mother from 1951 to her passing in 1973, the Agenda touches on a vast variety of subjects and includes questions, comments and footnotes by Satprem.

“This morning I lived for two hours in a sort of blissful state in which there was, oh, such a clear awareness that all forms of life, in all the worlds and at all times, are the expression of a choice: you choose to be that way.

it’s very hard to put it into words…. The sort of compulsion in which we think we have to live and to which we think we are subjected had com-plete-ly vanished, and there was a perfectly spontaneous and natural perception that life on earth, life in the other worlds, and all the types of life on earth, and all the types of life in the other worlds, are simply a question of choice: you chose to be that way, and you constantly choose to be this way or that, or choose that this or that is going to happen; and you also choose to think you are subjected to a Fate or a Necessity or a Law that compels you – everything is a question of choice. And there was a sense of lightness, of freedom (same dancing gesture), and then one of those smiles at everything. And at the same time, it gives you a tremendous power. All sense of compulsion, of necessity (and even more of fate) had com-plete-ly vanished. All the illnesses, all the events, all the dramas, all of it – vanished. And this concrete and so stark a reality of physical life – completely gone.”

– The Mother, from The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 7, January 22, 1966

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