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This tremendous document – over 6,000 pages in 13 volumes – is the day-to-day account of more than 22 years of Mother’s transformational work with the body consciousness, of her discovery of a “cellular mind” and the evolving capacity to refashion the nature of our bodies and the laws of our species. Recorded by Satprem in the course of numerous private conversations with Mother from 1951 to her passing in 1973, the Agenda touches on a vast variety of subjects and includes questions, comments and footnotes by Satprem.

“Physical vision requires a much more continuous concentration. The physical vision serves to stabilize. It gives continuity to things. The same with hearing. So when neither of them are there, you become conscious of the thing directly, which gives you the true knowledge of it. That is probably how the Supermind will work.

My physical vision and hearing have been pushed into the background to be replaced by identity through consciousness – for the growth of consciousness.

The way of relating to things, of knowing, is through an identification of the consciousness with the thing or person. Instead of having the usual sense of separateness, you have a constant sense of union. There are quite interesting experiences. People call me and think about me. That comes into my field of consciousness. And after some time I am told, “So and so has come,” or “Something has happened to so and so,” and I say, “I know.” I wasn’t told anything at the time it happened, but I was conscious of it as if it were happening to a part of me.”

– The Mother, from The Mother’s Agenda Vol. 12, January 11, 1971

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