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Extracts from letters of Sri Aurobindo to his disciples. Companion volume to the popular book Lights on Yoga.


This book contains extracts from letters from Sri Aurobindo to his disciples, written mostly during the 1930s. In the course of replying to their questions, he laid out the basic elements of his system of integral Yoga. The extracts are arranged in sections that address such subjects as the goal and aim of the Yoga, the planes and parts of the being, the bases and conditions of sadhana, faith, and love, bhakti, and emotion.

“Faith does not depend upon experience; it has something that is there before experience. When one starts the Yoga, it is not usually on the strength of experience, but on the strength of faith. It is so not only in Yoga and the spiritual life, but in ordinary life also. All men of action, discoverers, inventors, creators of knowledge proceed by faith and, until the proof is made or the thing done, they go on in spite of disappointment, failure, disproof, denial because of something in them that tells them that this is the truth, the thing that must be followed and done. Ramakrishna even went so far as to say, when asked whether blind faith was not wrong, that blind faith was the only kind to have, for faith is either blind or it is not faith but something else-reasoned inference, proved conviction or ascertained knowledge.

Faith is the soul’s witness to something not yet manifested, achieved or realised, but which yet the Knower within us, even in the absence of all indications, feels to be true or supremely worth following or achieving…”

– Sri Aurobindo, More Lights on Yoga

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