Life Without Death


A follow up to Mind of the Cells, by Satprem

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by Satprem, in collaboration with Luc Venet

“Life without Death” is written by Satprem originally in French and published in 1985 under the title “La vie sans mort”. It is a follow-up to Mind of the Cells, co-written with Luc Venet, and provides a glimpse of Satprem in his post-Ashram life in this period.

The author describes the beginning of his own experience of physical transformation and explains that what is at stake is a change in the consciousness of the human cells that will give rise to the next being after man.

The world is about to change-but perhaps not as we may imagine. In fact, somewhere, the change is already accomplished. There only remains to implement it fully, in broad daylight. The goal of this short book is to try to explain the specific conditions of this change, how it can take place and is already taking place. In it will not be found any methods, formulas or speculations on the state of the future world, only certain patent human truths that each one can use as he pleases.
The change in question here is not external, mechanical or scientific, but internal and human. It is the human world that must change-or perhaps simply the way we see and feel and manipulate our world. It is a question of implementing another way of living on earth, a being after man as radically different from us as we may be from our ancestor, the ape. If such a being is to see the light of day on this earth, the evolutionary wisdom and simplicity will produce it from us, from what we are today, and not out of some mystical and misty heaven, or out of a proliferation of computers-there must exist a link between it and us. Thus, if we observe and study what we are without human complacency, with scientific honesty, we could say, we ought to be able to find in ourselves a key, a means for making that transition, or at least for taking a few steps on the road that leads to the future of our species.

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