Letters on Yoga III (p) (new CWSA edition)


Collection of letters written by Sri Aurobindo to his disciples. Third volume.

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Letters on Yoga – III comprises letters written by Sri Aurobindo on the experiences and realisations that may occur in the practice of the Integral Yoga. It is the third of four volumes of Letters on Yoga. The letters in these volumes have been selected from the large body of letters that Sri Aurobindo wrote to disciples and others between 1927 and 1950, but primarily in the 1930s. About one-third of the letters in the present volume were not published in the Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library.

This third volume is arranged by subject in four parts: the place of experiences in the practice of yoga, the opening of the inner senses, experiences of the inner consciousness and the cosmic consciousness, and the fundamental realisations of the Integral Yoga. Individual letters deal with many subjects relating to these themes, including the development of the inner vision, the nature of symbolic visions, becoming aware of the inner being and the witness attitude, the psychic and spiritual realisations, and the meaning of spiritual transformation.

“Your experience is the beginning of the fundamental and decisive realisation which carries the consciousness out of the limited mental into the true spiritual vision and experience in which all is one and all is the Divine. It is this constant and living experience that is the true foundation of spiritual life. There can be no doubt about its truth and value, for it is evidently something living and dynamic and goes beyond a mental realisation. It may add to itself in future different aspects, but the essential fundamental realisation you now have. When this is permanent, one can be said to have passed out of the twilight of the mind into the light of the Spirit.
What you have now to do is to allow the realisation to grow and develop. The necessary movements will probably come of themselves as these have come – provided you keep your will single and faithful towards this Light and Truth. Already it has brought you the guidance towards the next step, cessation of the ?ow of thought, the inner mind’s silence. Once that is won, there is likely to come a settled peace, liberation, wideness. The sense of the need of simplicity and transparency is also a true movement and comes from the same inner guidance. That is necessary for the deepest inmost divine element within behind the mind, life and body to come forward fully in you – when it does you will be able to become aware of the inner guide
within you and of a Force working for the full spiritual change. This simplicity comes by a separation from the manifold devious mental and vital movements which lead one in all directions – a quiet, a detachment in the heart which turns one singly towards the one Truth and the one Light till it takes up the whole being and the whole life.
Put your trust in the grace of the One and Divine which has already touched you and opened its door and rely on it for all that is to come.”

– Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga – III, pp.13-14

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