Letters on Savitri


Sri Aurobindo’s letters on the subject of his own epic poem, Savitri.

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Sri Aurobindo wrote these letters on Savitri, almost all of them addressed to K. D. Sethna, during the 1930s and 1940s. Sethna has arranged them into sections based on general themes, with the hope the letters will convey, in Sri Aurobindo’s own words, some understanding of the poem’s conception and development and of its qualities of inspiration, vision, and technique. They offer a unique perspective on the evolution of this poem over the course of several decades.

Savitri… is blank verse without enjambment (except rarely) – each line a thing by itself and arranged in paragraphs of one, two, three, four, five lines (rarely a longer series), in an attempt to catch something of the Upanishadic and Kalidasian movement, so far as that is a possibility in English. You can’t take that as a model – it is too difficult a rhythm-structure to be a model. I shall myself know whether it is a success or not, only when I have finished two or three books. But where is the time now for such a work? When the supramental has finished coming down, then perhaps.”

Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Savitri

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