Spiritual insights on life, art and psychology.

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by Michael Miovic

A compilation of essays, travelogues, short stories, art criticism, and poems that revolve around the theme of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision.

The author gives personal reflections on his spiritual quest, impressions of travels in India and Greece, and critical reviews of the emerging field of spiritual/transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. He also applies Sri Aurobindo’s model of social evolution to the study of various topics in cultural history.

Although broad in scope and varied in focus, the seemingly diverse writings in this book are woven together by an underlying critical perspective and deep synthesis of Eastern and Western worldviews.

“This book is not something merely informative and literary, intended only for light reading or passing time. It is rather the spiritual autobiography of a man with anubhuti and darsana. This book is a must for scientists and critical thinkers, for seekers after Truth, and for all those who wish to build bridges between the East and West.”

– Prof. I.V. Chalapati Rao.

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