Ideal of Human Unity


Sri Aurobindo on the socio-political ideal of Human Unity.

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In The Ideal of Human Unity, Sri Aurobindo studies the trend of mankind towards a closer unification through a review of past efforts by the Greeks, Romans, and others as well as more recent attempts by some modern nations – Russia, China, the United States of America, and the European countries. While a political unity can be constructed through administrative means, the unity of the human race can only be made real if the highest shared ideal of humanity spiritualises itself and becomes the inner law of life.

“The study of the growth of the nation-unit under the pressure indeed of a growing inner need and idea but by the agency of political, economic and social forces, forms and instruments shows us a progress that began from a loose formation in which various elements were gathered together for unification, proceeded through a period of strong concentration and coercion in which the conscious national ego was developed, fortified and provided with a centre and instruments of its organic life, and passed on to a final period of assured separate existence and internal unity as against outside pressure in which liberty and an active and more and more equal share of all in the benefits of the national life became possible. If the unity of the human race is to be brought about by the same means and agents and in a similar fashion to that of the nation, we should expect it to follow a similar course. That is at least the most visible probability and it seems to be consistent with the natural law of all creation which starts from the loose mass, the more or less amorphous vague of forces and materials and proceeds by contraction, constriction, solidification into a firm mould in which the rich evolution of various forms of life is at last securely possible.”

Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity

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