How to Bring Up a Child


Compiled from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and other sources.

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Compiled by Vijay

Can there be a more pressing question for the parents who are genuinely concerned about the right upbringing of their children? Perhaps not. But how many of them, even those who are most serious and sincere, truly understand the deeper needs of a child and know how to bring him or her up, giving the right direction in life?
The Mother said, “To love to learn is the most precious gift that one can give to a child: to love to learn always and everywhere, so that all circumstances, all happenings in life may be constantly renewed opportunities for learning more and always more.”
This book answers some very fundamental questions, mostly from the works of the Mother, on a child’s needs and demands and also provides helpful practical suggestions to the guardians of the future on the very important but still obscure field of child education. Aptly illustrated, this book is a significant contribution to the growing literature on child psychology and can act as a handbook for parents, guardians and teachers, not as a collection of rules but as a torch to light the way.

Every child is a lover of interesting narrative, a heroworshipper and a patriot. Appeal to these qualities in him and through them let him master without knowing it the living and human parts of his nation’s history. Every child is an inquirer, an investigator, analyser, a merciless anatomist. Appeal to these qualities in him and let him acquire without knowing it the right temper and the necessary fundamental knowledge of the scientist. Every child has an insatiable intellectual curiosity and turn for metaphysical enquiry. Use it to draw him on slowly to an understanding of the world and himself. Every child has the gift of imaginative power. Use it to give him the ground-work of the faculty of the artist.

– Sri Aurobindo

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