Flowers Heal


An exploration of the healing power of flowers


Flowers Heal is a book about flower essences based on the spiritual significances given by the Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India). Flower essences can help a person awaken to the inner presence by resonance. Through this inner contact, the physical, psychological and energetic suffering can dissolve. As the ‘true person’ emerges, one feels joy, light, peace, vastness or wellness. This book offers a brief introduction into this way with flowers, reflecting a research work done for over 20 years. It describes the healing capacities of 35 extensively used essences from about 200 essences that exist and are being used by practitioners worldwide. These are available at the Healing Center for people who can connect with flowers. New flower essences are still being made and used, as the Mother gave the inner meaning to more than 800 flowers.

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