Flower Chronicles, The


“A Radical Approach to Systems and Organizational Development”


by Pravir Malik

Albert Einstein has stated – “When the Solution is Simple, God is Answering.” There is in fact a simple answer staring at us from all facets and corners of life, regardless of the question, regardless of the problem. This answer is summarized by a flower, and captured in the journey that a seed makes in becoming a flower.

In this journey there are 3 stages – the seed or physical state, the stalk or vital state, and the flower or mental state. Any sustainable organization or system will be found to have traversed these stages. Any organization or system that is floundering or facing challenges, will be found to be stuck in one of these stages.

Hence, the state of an organization or system can be understood by chronicling the stages of the flower journey it may have gone through. Its road to fulfillment can be envisaged by foreseeing the stages of the flower journey it has yet to go through.
This simple truth is true regardless of the scale or complexity of the organization or system. Hence it is true of the person, of a team, of a corporation, of a market, of a country, or of a global system.

The Flower Chronicles will elaborate this simple approach through reflecting on many classes of practical organizational and system problems we are confronted with daily. These reflections will be from the realms of personal development, organizational development, industry development, market and financial development, political development, and global development.

The answers are simple, and are always staring at us in the face. The real issue is whether we have the courage and will to execute what is being suggested. This too is a certainty, but like every other journey, has to go through stages before it culminates in the reality of a flower.

The Flower Chronicles: OD Experiments at Stanford University Medical Center – XI, by Pravir Malik

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