Excellence in Professional Work: A Consciousness Approach


This book presents a practical blue-print for developing the “inner dimensions of excellence”.

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Based on the premise that excellence in professional work is the external result of the effective use of inner faculties in our consciousness, this book attempts a practical approach to developing these inner abilities. The strategies and methods outlined here can be practised individually or applied to a collective endeavour. Drawing on many of the precepts of the Integral Yoga, the author discusses such inner faculties as concentration, mindfulness, analytical intelligence, pragmatic intelligence, emotional intelligence, will and vital-force, imagination, and intuition, and suggests how they can be developed to improve workplace performance.

From the Preface: “A major development of our modern age is the emergence of the professional class or the knowledge-worker as a powerful and influential section of society. The technocrat, manager, banker, entrepreneur and finance-pro are some of the dominant types among the professional elite of our age. This brings us to the question what constitutes excellence in professional work.

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