Enroute: On the Path


The Mother’s correspondence with a disciple. Practical spiritual advice and encouragement in sadhana.

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The Mother’s correspondence with Shyam Sundar.

In the human being, is the psychic being the entire soul or do both the psychic being and the soul (in its essence, as a divine spark in all creatures) exist together?

The soul is the eternal essence at the centre of the psychic being. The soul is in fact like a divine spark which puts on many states of being of increasing density, down to the most material, and is inside the body, in the interior, so to say, of the solar plexus. These states of being take form and develop, progress, become individualised and perfected in the course of a great number of earthly lives and form the psychic being. When the psychic being is fully formed it is aware of the consciousness of the soul and manifests it perfectly.

– The Mother, En Route, On the Path

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