Durga Stotra (deluxe)


Sri Aurobindo’s Hymn to Durga in original Bengali and translations into other languages, including English.

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Sri Aurobindo, who wrote the piece in 1909, invokes Mother Durga to make herself manifest in India, giving her sons and daughters the courage, strength, and knowledge to fight the powers of darkness that keep her in bondage. Includes original Bengali plus translations into Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and English. Large-size format.

“Mother Durga! Enter our bodies in thy Yogic strength. We shall become thy instruments, thy sword slaying all evil, thy lamp dispelling all ignorance. Fulfil this yearning of thy young children, O Mother. Be the master and drive the instrument, wield thy sword and slay the evil, hold up the lamp and spread the light of knowledge. Make thyself manifest.”

Sri Aurobindo, Hymn to Durga (translated from original Bengali)

Recitation of Sri Aurobindo’s Hymn to Durga in original Bengali (youtube video)

SABDA catalog listing for Hymn to Durga

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