Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo (2 volume set)


Correspondence between Sri Aurobindo and a close disciple on a wide range of topics including yoga, medicine, and poetry


Nirodbaran’s correspondence with Sri Aurobindo began in February 1933 and continued till November 1938, when Sri Aurobindo injured his leg and Nirod became one of his attendants. The entire correspondence, which was carried on in three separate notebooks according to topics – private, medical, and literary – is presented in chronological order, revealing the unique relationship Nirod enjoyed with his guru, replete with free and frank exchanges and liberal doses of humour. Covering a wide range of topics, both serious and light-hearted, these letters reveal the infinite care Sri Aurobindo devoted to the spiritual development of his disciple.

Is the Brahman consciousness an ideal condition for receiving the supramental descent?
It is a necessary condition.

I don’t suppose it is the same as the realisation of the Self everywhere in everything. Is that realisation the height achieved here?
Of course not, the realisation of the Self as all and the Divine as all is only the first step.
The next step is to get into contact with the higher planes above spiritual mind-for as soon as one gets into the spiritual Mind or Higher Mind, this realisation is possible.

Is the realisation of the Self a state of perpetual peace, joy, bliss, etc.?
If it is thoroughly established it is one of internal peace, freedom, wideness in the inner being.

Is it a state surpassing all struggles, dualities, depressions, etc.?
All these things you mention become incidents in the external being, on the surface, but the inner being remains untouched by them.

Are all troubles of the lower nature conquered-especially sex?
No, sir, but the inner being is not touched.

Is there any danger of a fall from this state?
It may be covered up in a way-so long as it is not established in all parts of the being. The old Yogas did not consider that necessary, because they wanted to walk off, not to change the being.

Why do you call it a beginning only? What more do you want to do except physical transformation?
I want to effect the transformation of the whole nature (not only of the physical), that is why.

From Nirodbaran’s Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo, 18 July 1937

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