Commentaries on The Life Divine


The Mother’s commentaries on a few of the last chapters from Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine.


The Mother commented on two of the last chapters of The Life Divine during her weekly classes at the Ashram Playground in the 1950s. After reading from the text, the Mother would answer any questions raised by those present. In these commentaries she speaks about Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the future – the evolution of a spiritualised humanity leading to a divine life on earth.

“It is quite obvious that nothing can be manifested which is not previously contained in what exists. One can’t bring something out of nothing. One can make what is there emerge, manifest, express itself, develop; but if nothing had been there, nothing would ever have come out. All progress, all perfection is the result of an inner effort of “something” that is present and seeks to manifest. That is to say, absolutely, the principle comes first and the expression afterwards. As we go on reading The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo will prove this to you in every possible way. If there were not an eternal principle, if there were not – we give it all the names we like, can’t we? – a Supreme Reality, there would never have been a universe, because nothing comes out of nothing.

We shall see this as we read on; then you will have to do philosophical gymnastics. But anyway, even without philosophy and mental gymnastics, it is obvious that to make something, you need to have something to make it with.”

– The Mother, Commentaries on The Life Divine

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