Ashram School: Glimpses of the Early Years


A brief pictorial history of the Ashram school


In December 1943 the Mother opened a small school for the children of disciples living in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Over the years the school has grown to become the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. This book is a brief pictorial history of its growth. A simple narrative of events chronicles the phases of the school’s development.

The book also attempts to convey the spirit of the school. Its aims and values are explained in the Mother’s words. Her letters to teachers show how she guided them. Reminiscences of the teachers reveal how she trained them to work with the students.

In founding the Ashram school, the Mother sought to create an environment in which the souls of children may blossom. Still in existence seventy-five years after its inception, the school is an on-going endeavour to fulfil the Mother’s dream for the young. This book is an account of the journey thus far, with fifty-seven photographs to bring the story to life.

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