Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar

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With Neem for superb skin and hair care. Eco-friendly, zero-waste, 100% biodegradable packaging.

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An “All-in-One bar”: soap, shampoo, body wash and more!

Made with an Ayurveda inspired formula that features Neem and herbal extracts prized for their natural skin and hair care benefits.

Perfect for travel, camping, gym bag, etc. Lightweight, convenient, TSA-friendly, and eco-friendly : )

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Purified water, Alkali, Castor oil, Sesame oil, Tulsi (Holy Basil) oil, Vitamin E (certified non-GMO), Neem oil, Hydnocarpus (Cactus) oil, Neem leaf, Reetha (Indian Filbert/Soapnut), Shikakai (Acacia concinna), Henna (Lawsonia inermis), Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and Methi (Fenugreek).

  • Eco-friendly, Zero-waste, 100% Biodegradable packaging
  • Vegan / Cruelty-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Sulfate-free
  • Gluten-free

One bar is equivalent to 18 oz. liquid shampoo!


Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Purified water, Alkali, Castor oil, Sesame oil, Tulsi (Holy Basil) compound, Vitamin E (certified non-GMO), Neem oil, Hydnocarpus oil, Neem leaf, Reetha (Indian Filbert/Soapnut), Shikakai (Acacia concinna), Henna (Lawsonia inermis), Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and Methi (Fenugreek).

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Pack Size

4.23 oz bar

Shelf Life

5 years



28 reviews for Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar

  1. Heidi

    I discovered your shampoo bar at my local health food store. OMG the lather is so thick and the smell is amazing!! My long hair is shiny and clean!! I can’t wait to try your conditioner and other products !! Yay for you !!

  2. Dezell Domke

    I picked this up at Winners in Calgary, Canada. It’s so perfect. It lathers, rinses and smells great. My silver hair is soft, shiny and manageable.

  3. Nikki Konas

    Lathers beautifully
    Hair and scalp feel clean, really clean.
    Small is herbal and gorgeous.

    I want to try their other products!

  4. Michelle Squire (verified owner)

    I have been using shampoo bars for several years and I have tried several brands. I found the Himalayan Rose soap bar in my local Down to Earth and was delighted with it and the way it made my bathroom smell.
    On reading about the other products I saw the Shampoo bar and immediately purchased four bars.
    This shampoo bar is amazing, it smells divine and the suds are rich and creamy and my hair is shiny and soft yet still has body (fine hair).
    I live in Hawaii so sun and salt can be pretty harsh on my hair but no more.
    The kind Auromere people included some small sample products in my package which arrived quickly and well-packed.
    I am so happy I have Auromere

  5. Cindy (verified owner)

    I am hooked on this shampoo bar! The scent is uplifting, purifying and herbal. The results are outstanding for my hair type. I have fine hair that usually get weighted down with most shampoos and almost all conditioners but this shampoo adds fullness and body, making my hair soft, fluffy, shiny and great smelling!
    Super-fast shipping with plenty of reassuring emails during the packing and shipping process and also a few samples thrown in, a nice touch.

  6. Judy

    The smell is fantastic. Used 1st time last night. Sudsy, cleansing, simple. I’m pretty stoked!

  7. Annie

    It me my curly hair back. My hair is thinking and very fine. I’ve been unable to find the right shampoo until this. My curls are back. My hair has full shiny volume.

  8. Donna

    The first couple times I used it, I was unable to rinse off the soap residue and felt like my hair needed a wash more than it did before I shampooed it. However, I kept using it, because I was intrigued by the fact that I was not finding my hair all over the house. After a few uses, it left my hair looking and feeling pretty nice. My hair is about down to my waist and I’m in my 50’s. Happy to have found a good shampoo.

  9. Madlyn Williams

    I love this shampoo bar, found it at TJ Max and use it HEAD to Toe!

  10. Takisi

    I agree with everyone else. It’s an amazing product! And that fragrance! I bought it for my dog and he smelled soooooo good…I ended up using his bar. I went back and bought several more. I went from spending $35 a bottle on his shampoo and $50 or more a bottle for each if my Aveda products to this much more affordable and natural product. The feeling of your hair takes a bit to get used to but the way it leaves your body is awesome! Try the Himalayan Rose for a gentle facial wash. Thank you for creating such an incredible product!

  11. Lindsay

    This is the only shampoo bar I will use. The smell is a bit strong but it has grown on me. I love that it is sulfate and paraben free as well as cruelty free. I recommend this bar to all my friends and family and hope to change their mind about using plastic shampoo bottles. Thank you so much for creating an amazing product!

  12. Angella Arellano

    I haven’t used yet I heard it’s wonderful for Lyme/morgellons!!!!

  13. Heidi

    I have used many other shampoo bars, but without a doubt this is my absolute favorite! It lathers beautifully and leaves my fine, thin hair looking fuller and healthier! I’ve spent 3x as much $ on other bars that did not hold a candle to this product. I love thee natural ingredients and the minimal packaging as well. Thank you, thank you for creating this!!

  14. Bonnie Snyder

    I have searched high and wide for something I can use to clean my hair but also stop it from breaking and falling out. I have thyroid issues and I know that works against me. It’s a wonderful product and I am ever so thankful to have stumbled upon this. It has made me hopeful again that I can actually have hair. I do need to use a conditioner afterwards… it’s squeaky clean for sure! Thank you so much for making this product!!

  15. Ellie

    I love this shampoo! I’ve been using it for over a year now. Never used a shampoo bar before and was worried it would get used up quickly. I have shoulder-length, fine hair and one bar has lasted me almost 5 months, washing my hair every other day.

    It suds up well and my hair feels and smells great! After experimenting a bit, I’ve found that it’s not necessary to follow up with conditioner but I like to use one to enhance curls. Stocking up on a couple this time from the website since I’m not going out to stores as often and can’t find them recently. Will buy again and again!

  16. Michele A.

    Fantastic product!

  17. Velvet A

    My husband loves this bar shampoo. He says his hair feels cleaning and he loves the scent. There will be a repurchase.

  18. Sherry carlson

    First time user, found at Marshall’s. Love it.

  19. Erica

    Thank you for creating this beautiful shampoo/soap product. I have been using it on my hands during the pandemic, and as others have noted, it lifts the spirit in a mysterious and beautiful way. I purchased a small sample at my local market, and then remembered I had used this product line in the past; also the ingredients are harmonious and synergistic. It smells amazing, and I’m not sure it will make it into the shower because I keep washing my hands with it in the kitchen. So, I will be purchasing more and expanding my range to the product’s initial intent/design (shampooing). Thank you. With all the things going on in the world, for some reason this soap gives me hope.

  20. Jason W

    I just wanted to say I’ve been buying your soap at a local store and they don’t always carry it. This is the first time ordering off your website. Your soap is the best, I can’t use anything else. I especially love the shampoo bar. Being a man, it is much more convenient, especially on trips, outings and excursions. I also love the packaging and re-use the wax paper layer to keep the bar fresh whether at home or on the road. You truly have a wonderful product. I have recommended it to all my friends and family. Thank you!

  21. Laura Tucker

    I also found at T J Maxx and after using returned and bought as many as I could find. I recommend this to everyone I know. BEST SHAMPOO BAR ON THE MARKET BOTH NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL. 💘 I have requested my local natural foods market to begin stocking
    Will buy them all. 😊 💘 🌈 🌳 🌎

  22. Katherine Morgan

    I found this little gem at TJ Maxx. I am always looking for products with all natural ingredients. This has become my ultimate favorite shampoo. I actually just ordered more, and I ended up ordering the conditioner, as well. I look forward to trying it out. It would be awesome if this brand made a hairspray, too!

  23. Lynn Henry

    Your wonderful shampoo cleared up a long-term scalp problem that I have had since 2014. Open sores cleared up after 3 uses. Amazing! I am so grateful having found your product.
    Thank you.

  24. Shannon

    I LOVE the smell. In fact, it makes my whole bathroom smell nice. The lather goes in very easy to clean the scalp. It feels slippery going in, but the hair has a squeaky/tangled texture after rinsing and it’s impossible to run your hands through it at that point. However, the hair smooths out again after drying. I love that there is no plastic waste!!

  25. JaMera

    I didn’t buy this shampoo here online. I saw this in the clearance section at Marshall’s and decided to go on a whim and try it on my natural hair. I’ve been on the hunt for a great natural cleanser that wouldn’t strip my hair of moisture. I think I found it… I have used it three times so far and each time has been satisfying. It cleanses my scalp effortlessly and I’m also able to detangle my hair easily. FYI: I cut the bar into eighths, so that it will last longer for me. I’m grateful that I found this at Marshalls, because I would have never discovered this product otherwise.

  26. Jamie

    I adore the way this smells!! This is my first time using a shampoo bar and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s super sudsy when applied to your hair, and it leaves it squeaky clean, rinses out quickly and easily. Definitely need a conditioner too, but I always do anyway. I used it on my arms too, to see how it made my skin feel and not only was my skin soft all day, but it smelled amazing! I will absolutely buy this again, over and over.

  27. Marijane B Lanwehr

    I am thrilled with my Auromere shampoo bar. God bless you folks! My hair has stopped thinning! Find, now, next to nothing in my white hair strainer after shampooing! My brush shows way, way less hair. Don’t know what caused the thinning/hair loss, but your soap stopped the loss. Bought first at Lady Lake, Florida’s TJ Max store, in a section with a collection of different hair and lotion and soap products. When this near gone, I will re-visit and buy from this site. Again, I deeply thank you for your quality product! I just so like the light fragrance, Tulsi Spice, too!

  28. Jessica L.

    Bought one of these at Tjmaxx. And OMG I LOVE the scent. I’ve only used it once and I’m hooked. It lifted my mood and spirit. I love that it’s made with wholesome ingredients. I’m excited to try more products from Auromere!

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