International Customers

At present, we are not able to ship orders outside the US, but there are a number of places we recommend to find Auromere products worldwide.

In particular, Vitacost and iHerb are excellent options for all Auromere customers! They also ship worldwide at excellent prices:

Vitacost offers deep discounts on nearly all Auromere body care products

These stores in the countries below are also recommended:


Online stores:
The Vegan Town, Organics on a Budget, Tomorrows Earth, Ecolateral, Dunn & Walton

South Australia in-person stores:
Ecolateral has stores in Blackwood, Brighton, and St. Morris

Western Australia in-person stores:
Dunn & Walton has a store in Doubleview


Auromere Brasil




Sincere Garden


Auromere Korea

Integral Yoga Books

If you are interested in purchasing something from our catalog of Integral Yoga books, please write to us for more information. These are not so readily available, and in certain cases we are able to make exceptions to the shipping policy.