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It is not by books that Sri Aurobindo ought to be studied but by subjects. – The Mother

Introductory Titles – The aim of Yoga, the purpose of Life
Psychology – Human nature, practical psychology
The Spirit of India – Vedas, Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita
Evolution – The future of life
Mind & Consciousness – Levels of mind, planes of consciousness, worlds within above and beyond
The Divine – God, by any other name
Education – Soul-centered
Bhakti – Love, devotion, surrender
Meditation – Concentration, reflection, contemplation
Work – An offering
Auroville – A living laboratory of human evolution
Savitri – Books related to Sri Aurobindo’s masterwork
Poetry & Music – Works related to the arts
For Devotees – Ashram stories, interviews
Reference – Glossaries, Indexes