Taking Care of Your Skin Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Medical experts say that one of the most effective deterrents to the spread of the coronavirus is frequent hand washing with soap and/or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Although effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus, frequent hand washing is not necessarily the best thing for your hands, which may become dry, sore, irritated, itchy or cracked from the extra amount of soap and/or sanitizer being used and the repeated friction from hand washing and towel-drying.

Here a few tips to help keep your hands’ skin optimally healthy during the pandemic:

Hand Washing

Experts recommend that we wash our hands for about 20 seconds to prevent the spread of pathogens. As hot water can add to the drying out of your hands and has no extra benefit for controlling the coronavirus, using lukewarm water is recommended to keep your skin in good health. Mild or moisturizing soaps are preferred over others.

Soap vs. Hand Sanitizer

Experts agree that washing your hands with soap and water is superior to using hand sanitizer to control the coronavirus. Moreover, using alcohol-based hand sanitizer further contributes to drying out your skin. It is best to use soap and water when you are at home and hand sanitizer only when you are out in public or when it is not convenient to use soap.

Bar Soap or Liquid Soap?

Either bar soap or liquid soap is fine, according to your preference and the specific formulation of the soap. Liquid soap tends to be more moisturizing (depending on the formulation), and is also considered more hygienic if there are multiple people using it.

Drying your Hands

As the friction of repeated towel drying may also contribute to irritating your skin, it is recommended to pat dry your hands rather than to rub them dry with the towel.


Immediately after washing your hands, use a moisturizing hand lotion or cream to protect your skin from drying out further.

Recommended Products

For frequent hand washing during the pandemic, we recommend our Sandalwood-Turmeric Ayurvedic Liquid Soap or any of our Ayurvedic bar soaps which are formulated for Vata-Pitta body types, who tend to have drier skin already: Vanilla-Neem, Tulsi-Neem or Himalayan Rose. The Vanilla-Neem Ayurvedic Soap is particularly recommended for its extra moisturizing properties!

For the aftercare of your hands after washing, we recommend using Auromere Ayurvedic Hand & Body Lotion, which is formulated with a Sesame Oil base, the premier Ayurvedic oil for skin care, and is deeply nourishing and moisturizing.

And if your hands have already become quite sore, dry or cracked, we recommend using Auromere Ayurvedic Neem Balm, especially effective in helping with dry and cracked skin, to help restore your hands to optimal health.

🌞 With best wishes to your health and wellness from Auromere 🌞

2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Your Skin Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. I now have most of the products shown here and I am very pleased with all of them. Favorites: Neem balm, Tulsi-Neem bar soap, face Hand and body lotion. Not listed are more of my Favorites: Shampoo bar soap = used it yesterday on my hair and body and Love it ! Also like the Aloe Neem shampoo and Hair conditioner. Using the toothpaste and mouth wash 🙂 Used
    the sample message oil on my calves and it does help the pain. (too much Tai chi years ago). I will be placing more orders in the future and thank you so much for offering these wonderful products. Namaste.

  2. Wow, It is a helpful blog to go through. The myths regarding COVID 19 are all around. I think this blog is full of information to break all these myths and bring real facts to all of us. I think washing hands properly time and again is the most important step towards precaution. Why People Need to Discover Neem especially during COVID-19 Pandemic This blog can help you a bit as Neem is the best disinfectant and we can pick this using in sanitizing our hands. Healthcare, skincare is also needed to stay protective as much as we can. Thank you all again for let me discussing the very issue. I hope we will come out of this situation very soon. Stay healthy and be safe.

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