Should I Be Using a Shampoo Bar?

A staple of hair-care routines in the centuries before modern liquid shampoo was invented and increasingly popular today, shampoo bars are specially formulated soap bars meant to be used in caring for your hair.

As shampoo bars do become increasingly popular, you might find yourself asking the question, “Should I be using a shampoo bar?” and wondering about the benefits (and potential downsides) of switching from liquid shampoo.

Here we list those benefits for you and why you might consider using a shampoo bar in your hair-care routine in lieu of normal shampoo:

Five reasons why to use a Shampoo Bar

1 – They are more economical

Shampoo bars are generally less expensive than their liquid counterparts, providing more value as one bar lasts longer and provides more uses than a comparable amount of liquid shampoo. Regular use will result in monetary savings.

2 – They can be a multi-purpose “All in One” bar

Shampoo bars are not just effective in caring for your hair, but can be used in a pinch or while traveling as a full body wash in lieu of your usual body soap. They can even be used to wash your dog and your clothes too!

3 – They are more natural and simply formulated

Shampoo bars have simpler and less ingredients overall than their liquid counterparts, often being completely natural and without any synthetic ingredients whatsoever.

4 – They are better for the environment – a Zero-Waste shampoo solution

Apart from their ingredients, they are also better for the environment due to their lack of plastic packaging in comparison to bottled shampoo. Plastic waste is a serious environmental issue! Imagine the environmental impact of replacing the waste of every plastic shampoo bottle with a simple biodegradable wax & paper wrapper!

5 – They are more practical and convenient

Shampoo bars can be easily tucked away into a backpack, car or flight luggage when at the gym, camping, traveling or for contingencies.  Shampoo bars are TSA-friendly when flying. Shampoo bars do not leak : ) When camping or traveling (or at the gym), shampoo bars can be used as a 2-in-1 shampoo and body soap, saving time and space.

✓ TSA-friendly ✓ Leakproof ✓Eco-friendly and perfect for camping ✓ All-in-One soap+shampoo

Are there any drawbacks or downsides to using a shampoo bar?

When switching to shampoo bars from regular use of liquid shampoo, some people find that shampoo bars can leave behind a small film of waxy buildup in the hair. This can easily be addressed by using your favorite conditioner, or for a simpler and more natural solution, a vinegar rinse twice or thrice a week. Ayurvedic pre-shampoo conditioning oil is also an effective and natural solution. People of certain hair-types may also experience difficulties with tangles and frizzy hair, which can be remedied by lathering the shampoo bar in one’s hands before applying the lather to the hair, rather than directly applying the bar to the hair.

The Best Shampoo Bar

While many shampoo bars have come to market in the last few years, riding the shampoo bar’s wave of increasing popularity, Auromere’s Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar has long been part of Auromere’s hair care lineup. Formulated with premier Ayurvedic herbs beneficial for cleansing and rejuvenating the hair and scalp, including Neem, Shikakai, Henna and others, Auromere’s shampoo bar is also completely natural, with eco-friendly biodegradable packaging.

Customer Reviews

Check out these great reviews and endorsements by many satisfied customers!

With all the benefits shampoo bars have over liquid shampoo, if you have never used one we encourage you to give it a try!

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***With all best wishes for your health and well-being from Auromere***

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  1. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin since I started using Ayurvedic products. This blog reinforces the positive impact of these ancient remedies.

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