Auromere Wrinkle Serum and the Ayurvedic Art of Sneha Kalpana

A process for producing potent serums All the prominent Ayurvedic texts like Sushruta Samhita, Charaka Samhita and Sharngadhara Samhita written by the ancient sages speak about the technique of medicinal infusion of the rejuvenating properties of various herbs into liquid media to produce potent serums. This process of medicinal infusion the sages called ‘sneha kalpana’. […]

Easy Ways to Make Your Beauty Regime 100% Vegan

With a quarter of millennials identifying as either vegan or vegetarian, it’s no surprise that the beauty industry is having to change direction and ditch animal testing and animal ingredients. Switching to vegan beauty products is easier than ever with so many options available, but it can still feel overwhelming at first when terms like ‘vegan’ and […]

The Ayurvedic Tradition of Mud Therapy

Mud Bath being applied to back

According to Ayurveda, all things in the visible universe – including the human body – are made up of five elements (called the pañcabhūta). While there are many different types of therapy in Ayurveda, one class of therapy is naturopathic therapy involving the five elements. Mud therapy (mṛttikā cikitsā) is one of these five-element therapies […]

Brushing your dog’s teeth with Auromere!

Did you know that periodontal (gum) disease is the most common clinical health condition in adult dogs, according to the AKC Canine Health Foundation? According to veterinarians, cleaning your dog’s teeth is just as important as cleaning your own, preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar and associated bacterias which ultimately lead to gingivitis and […]