Ayurvedic Properties of Auromere’s Herbal Massage Oil Ingredients

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Ayurvedic Properties of Auromere’s Herbal Massage Oil Ingredients:

  • SESAME OIL(seed) Sesamum indicum
    Soothes and counteracts dry skin, heals superficial wounds, antioxidant. Excellent penetration, nourishing and detoxifying to deep tissue layers. Calms nerves, relieves muscle tension, spasms and pain.

  • WILD ASPARAGUS(roots) Asparagus racemosus
    Bitter, sweet, emollient, cooling, lowers Vata and Pitta. Indicated for Rheumatic conditions, stiff joints and neck and muscle spasms.

  • SWEET FLAG - crushed (root) Acorus calamus
    Aromatic, antispasmodic.

  • ROUND ZEDOARY (tuber) Curcuma zedoaria
    Antiseptic, specific for chronic skin conditions.

  • DESMODIUM GANGETICUM extract (plant)
    Analgesic and anti-inflammatory, balances all 3 Doshas.

  • INDIAN BEECH OIL (seed) Pongamia glabra
    Antiseptic, soothes itching, indicated for various skin conditions

  • CASTOR OIL (seed) Ricinus communis
    Cooling, lubricative, soothing, and demulcent, heals sores and wounds.

    Has high concentration of solasodine, a component in mfr. of cortisone.

  • INDIAN NIGHTSHADE (plant) Solanum indicum
    Astringent, reduces swelling and inflammation.

  • URARIA LAGOPOIDES (plant) Uraria lagopoides
    Alterative, tonic.

  • SWEET FLAG - extract (root) Acorus calamus
    Antispasmodic, rejuvenative. Indicated for arthritic conditions.

  • DEODAR CEDAR (bark) Cedrus deodara
    Anti-spasmodic, fragrant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relieves cold, spasm and contraction in the muscles. Increases circulation and relaxes muscular tension. Indicated for arthritis, sciatica and headache.

  • SPREADING HOGWEED (plant) Boerhavia diffusa
    Anti-inflammatory, toning. Bitter, cooling, pungent. For skin diseases.

  • FENNEL (seed) Foeniculum vulgare
    Cleansing, disinfectant, aromatic.

  • SANDALWOOD OIL (bark) Santalum album
    Cooling, tones oily skin, antiseptic, used for pimples and boils, has sunscreen-ing properties, fragrant

  • EAGLEWOOD (bark) Aquilaria agallocha
    Highly fragrant, warming, alleviates pain and stagnant energy.

  • YELLOW LICHEN-(spore) Parmelia perlata
    Used for skin wounds, bleeding piles and scabies.

  • INDIAN VALERIAN (root) Valeriana wallichii
    Anti-spasmodic, calmative, aromatic, used for skin conditions.

  • COSTUS (root) Saussurea lappa
    Antiseptic, for skin conditions and ulcers, repels insects, fragrant.

  • CARDAMOM (seed) Elletaria cardamomum
    Aromatic, antiseptic, anti-microbial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.

  • MUSK ROOT (root) Nardostachys jatamansi
    Highly fragrant, antiseptic, analgesic, used in skin diseases.

  • DESMODIUM GANGETICUM - crushed (plant)
    Analgesic and anti-inflammatory, balances all 3 Doshas.

  • COUNTRY MALLOW (plant) Sida cordifolia
    Analgesic, promotes healing of wounds, aromatic, astringent, bitter, cooling, used for muscle cramps, nerve pain, neuralgia, numbness, rheumatism, sciatica, skin disorders, ulcers and wounds.

  • WINTER CHERRY - (plant) Withania somnifera
    Used for inflammation, arthritis, muscle energy loss, nerve damage, skin afflictions and rheumatic swellings.

  • VANDA ROXBURGHII - (plant) Vanda roxburghii
    Anti-inflammatory, used for rheumatism, nervous troubles and sciatica.

  • ROCK SALT (mineral)
    Full of minerals: sodium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, manganese, potassium, copper, sulphur, silicon and magnesium.

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