Auromere Ayurvedic Imports
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Ayurvedic Properties of Auromere's Herbal Mint-Free Toothpaste Ingredients:

  • NEEM (bark) Azadirachta indica
    Astringent, invigorating, antiseptic, promotes healing of wounds, specific for gum inflammation

  • PEELU (bark) Salvadora persica
    Anti-inflammatory, gentle abrasive, protects enamel, inhibits tartar build-up

  • INDIAN LICORICE (root) Glycyrrhiza glabra
    Antiseptic, analgesic, healing and freshening

  • POMEGRANATE (rind) Punica granatum
    Astringent, specific for bleeding gums

  • COMMON JUJUBE (bark) Zizyphus vulgaris
    Astringent, styptic, antiseptic, specific for inflamed gums

  • ROSE APPLE (bark) Syzygium jambos
    Astringent, stomatic, treats spongy and bleeding gums

  • CLOVE (flower buds) Syzygium armaticum
    Aromatic, antiseptic, analgesic, breath purifier, specific for toothache and strengthening of gums

  • PERSIAN WALNUT (bark) Juglans regia
    Astringent, antiseptic, natural detergent, excellent for cleaning teeth and strengthening gums

  • BARLERIA (bark) Barleria prinoitis
    Styptic, specific for inflamed, bleeding gums and toothache, natural preventative against tooth cavities

  • INDIAN ALMOND (fruit shell) Prunus amygdalus
    Demulcent, cleansing, astringent, strengthens gums

  • BEDDA NUTS (fruit) Terminalia bellerica
    Astringent, tonic, analgesic, strengthens gums

  • ASIAN HOLLY OAK (fruit) Quercus infectoria
    Haemostatic, astringent, specific for bleeding gums

  • PRICKLY ASH (fruit) Zanthoxylum rhetsa
    Astringent, aromatic, treats inflamed and bleeding gums

  • TEJBAL (bark) Zanthoxylum alatum
    Aromatic, astringent, dentifrice

  • SAPPAN WOOD (plant) Caesalpinia sappans
    Astringent, haemostatic for bleeding gums

  • CATECHU (bark) Acacia catechu
    Astringent, analgesic, haemostatic, treats spongy gums

  • BENGAL MADDER (plant) Rubia cordifolia
    Astringent, tonic, antiseptic, specific for inflammation of gums, promotes healing of wounds

  • GUM ARABIC-BABUL-(BARK) Acacia arabica
    Astringent, antiseptic, haemostatic, cleans teeth and strengthens inflamed gums & loose teeth

  • SARSAPARILLA (root) Hemidesmus indicus
    Demulcent, astringent, anti-inflammatory for gums

  • CINNAMON (bark) Cinnamomum zeylanicum
    Antiseptic, analgesic, prevents toothache, aromatic breath purifier, dentifrice, strengthens gums

  • MEDLAR (bark) Mimusops elangi
    Astringent, antiseptic, haemostatic, strengthens gums, specific for bleeding, spongy gums and loose teeth

  • MAYWEED (plant) Anacyclus pyrethium
    Stimulant, antiseptic, increases salivation, prevents dry mouth, inflammation of gums and toothache

  • BISHOPS WEED (flower) Carum copticum
    Antiseptic, analgesic, stimulant, tonic, checks chronic inflammation, promotes healing of wounds

  • GERANIUM (flower) Pelargonium graveolens
    Astringent, natural deodorant

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