Ayurvedic Properties of Auromere’s Herbal Lotion Ingredients

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Ayurvedic Properties of Auromere’s Herbal Lotion Ingredients:

  • SESAME OIL (seed) Sesamum indicum
    Soothes and counteracts dry skin, heals superficial wounds, antioxidant. Excellent penetration, nourishing and detoxifying to deep tissue layers. Calms nerves, relieves muscle tension, spasms and pain.

  • ALMOND (nut) Prunus dulcis
    Deeply penetrates, lubricates and nourishes the skin and the micro-circulatory channels, supports all the seven dhatus (tissues); especially helpful for Vata imbalances.

  • CASTOR OIL (seed) Ricinus communis
    Cooling, lubricative, soothing, and demulcent, heals sores and wounds.

  • WILD ASPARAGUS (roots) Asparagus racemosus
    Sweet, emollient, cooling, lowers Vata and Pitta. Indicated for Rheumatic conditions, stiff joints and neck and muscle spasms.

  • DESMODIUM GANGETICUM - extract (plant) Analgesic and anti-inflammatory, balances all 3 Doshas.

  • URARIA LAGOPOIDES (plant) Alterative, tonic.

  • ROUND ZEDOARY (tuber) Curcuma zedoaria
    Antiseptic, specific for chronic skin conditions.

  • SWEET FLAG - crushed (root) Acorus calamus
    Aromatic, antispasmodic.

  • INDIAN BEECH OIL (seed) Pongamia glabra
    Antiseptic, soothes itching, indicated for various skin conditions

  • SPREADING HOGWEED (plant) Boerhavia diffusa
    Anti-inflammatory, toning. Bitter, cooling, pungent. For skin diseases.

  • SANDALWOOD OIL (bark) Santalum album
    Cooling, tones oily skin, antiseptic, used for pimples and boils, has sunscreen-ing properties, fragrant

  • INDIAN VALERIAN (root) Valeriana wallichii
    Anti-spasmodic, calmative, aromatic, used for skin conditions.

  • WINTER CHERRY - (plant) Withania somnifera
    Used for inflammation, arthritis, muscle energy loss, nerve damage, skin afflictions and rheumatic swellings.

  • KHUS KHUS (root) Vetiveria zizanioides
    Aromatic, antiseptic, anti-microbial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.

  • CARDAMOM (seed) Elletaria cardamomum
    Aromatic, antiseptic, anti-microbial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.

  • ROCK SALT (mineral)
    Full of minerals: sodium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, manganese, potassium, copper, sulphur, silicon and magnesium.

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