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Beauty Care

Beauty Care

A complete facial skin care protocol

Auromère is pleased to offer two new and innovative additions to its catalog of body care products - an exfoliating face wash and a wrinkle serum, which used in conjunction on a daily basis, provide a complete and rejuvenating facial skin care protocol.

The unique oils, herbs and clays of Auromère's beauty care products are 100% natural, and are formulated according to the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic science.


100% Absolutely natural ingredients: nothing artificial added
No artificial fragrances, preservatives, dyes, or bleaches

Beauty Care

Exfoliating Face Wash

Exfoliating Facial Treatment and Deep-cleansing Polish

Wrinkle Serum

with 14 Herbal Extracts, Oils, and Natural Ayurvedic Ingredients
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