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Authentic Incense of India

Experience the subtle power of fragrance...

Made from fine essential oils, fragrant herbs, powders and resins, ranging from the most heavenly floral fragrances to the down-to-earth woody and herbal scents of the Ayurvedic preparations. Each stick is rolled by hand and packaged in 100% hand-made, recycled paper. 

Visit the ABOUT INCENSE page to read about the unique qualities of each incense variety, to see photographs of Auromere's incense being made, and to learn more about this line of products.

24 Unique Fragrances categorized in 3 Assortments:
AYURVEDIC (8 varieties)
AROMATHERAPY (8 varieties)
FLOWERS AND SPICE (8 varieties)

All Auromere incense is available in single standard-size packages, dozen bundles, and sample sizes. We also offer mixed bundles, SAMPLERS & GIFT SETS, which contain an assortment of sample-size incense varieties.

In addition to the Auromere line of incense, we are also pleased to offer the ASHRAM INCENSE of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, South India. There are 6 traditional fragrances available of the purest quality, packaged simply and modestly in traditional butter paper. This incense is prized all over the world for the uplifting and sanctified atmosphere the fragrance evokes, reminiscent of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry where it is made.

Be sure to check out our economically priced INCENSE BURNERS which are handcrafted out of genuine teak, rosewood, and brass by local villager artisans in India



DOZEN Aromatherapy Incense - SANDAL - Purifying

Dozen full-size packs


DOZEN Flowers & Spice Incense - VANILLA

Dozen full-size packs

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