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Dosha Balancing Sets

Dosha Balancing Sets

Incense to balance your doshas

These unique selections of incense help restore equilibrium and harmony to the doshas through the subtle influence of fragrance.

The KAPHA balancing incense are chosen for their warming, energizing effect on earthy, languid Kapha natures, and for their ability to brighten dull or torpid states, inspiring freshness, happiness, and harmony.

The PITTA balancing incense has a calming, cooling effect on fiery Pitta natures, and help reduce stress.  They help to promote calm, restful states, aiding meditation and inner spiritual attunement.

The VATA balancing incense tends to soothe, and have a grounding effect on airy, high-strung Vata natures.  These incense fragrances help to calm restlessness, while instilling a serene sense of deepened purpose, harmony, and well-being.

Each assortment contains 5 full-size 10g incense packets specially selected for their harmonizing and balancing effect on a particular dosha.  A decorative ceramic incense holder is included with each set.

As always, 25% of the profits on Auromère Incense are donated to support an Integral Education school in rural India.

Dosha Balancing Sets

KAPHA Dosha Balancing Incense Set

Warming / Energizing

PITTA Dosha Balancing Incense Set

Calming / Cooling

VATA Dosha Balancing Incense Set

Soothing / Grounding
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