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Memory Game

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with flowers from Auroville gardens

Plumeria, the flowers of the Memory Game cards

A first sight of these extraordinary tropical trees and shrubs, covered with hundreds of scented blooms in a rainbow of colours, has inspired lots of people all over the world. There are literally hundreds of common names for the Plumeria, some humourous or descriptive, others with spiritual meaning or woven into the religious or cultural fabric of a people. Here are a few of the better known ones: India - Pagoda, Temple Tree; China - Egg Flower; Indonesia - Kamboja; Brazil - Jasmine de Cayenne; Guatemala - Flor de la Cruz; Haiti - Frangipani; Salvador - Flor de Mayo. The first cutting of Plumeria was brought to Auroville over thirty years ago. Today Auroville enjoys a magnificent bouquet of more than 220 species.

The Mother, the spiritual companion of Sri Aurobindo, envisioned around the Matrimandir, the central Soul of Auroville, twelve gardens symbolising various higher attributes of life by way of specially selected plants and flowers. The Plumeria was chosen to represent the Matrimandir Garden of Perfection.

Although the spiritual significance of Plumeria given by the Mother is Psychological Perfection, there is not just one psychological perfection, but five aspects to it, namely sincerity, faith, devotion, aspiration and surrender.

Instructions on how to play the game are included in English, French, German, Tamil and Hindi. The proceeds of sale from this game will go into flowers and plants for the Matrimandir Gardens.

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