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Ayurveda & Health

Ayurveda & Health

Ayurveda and Integral Health Practices

Ayurveda considers the whole person, and emphasizes prevention rather than the cure of symptoms. Translated from Sanskrit as "the science of life," it is the ancient Indian art and science of health and rejuvenation through the use of natural herbs, roots and minerals, to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

The Ayurvedic approach is a holistic one, and is able to effectively resolve many conditions which are considered to be obstinate and incurable in other systems. Simultaneously, it lays a great deal of emphasis upon the maintenance of positive health of an individual, taking into consideration the full scope of human nature and spiritual well-being.

Ayurveda & Health

Awareness through the Body

A way to enhance concentration, relaxation and self-knowlege in children and adults

Ayurveda: Life Health and Longevity

by Robert Svoboda

Basic Asanas

Pranab Bhattacharya

Healing through Knowledge

Aspects of Integral Health.

by Dr. Vandana Gupta

Health & Healing in Yoga

Compilation of the Mother's works on the subject of health and healing.

Health, Food & Healing in Yoga

Compilation of the Mother's works on the subject of health and healing. Smaller size edition.

Integral Healing

Insights from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother into the causes and cure of illness.

Integral Health

An integral approach to healing in the light of Sri Aurobindo's teachings.

by Soumitra Basu

Namah Journal

New Approaches to Medicine and Health - click photo for subscription details
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Pre-natal Education

Essays by various authors and extracts from the Mother on marriage, pregnancy, and prenatal education.

Sri Aurobindo Society - Women's Council

Towards Perfect Health

On the health of the body and its necessary role in the total transformation of the being as part of the manifestation of a divine life on earth.

Yoga of Perfect Sight

by Dr. R.S. Agarwal
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