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   Charaka Samhita (4 volume set)
text with English translation by V.P. Sharma

Price: $ 150.00 / 4 vol set


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Product Specs
Volume I (Sutrasthana, Nidanasthana, Vimanasthana, Sarirasthana, Indriyasthana) together constitutes a thesaurus of the basic elements of Ayurveda practice, including the quest for longevity, medicinal drugs and recipes, exposition of therapies, dietetics, psychological aspects of therapeutics (qualities of physician, etc.), classification of diseases, types of constitutions, origin of man and his diseases, debates and discourses by the ancient Rishis, regimens,disciplines, eternity of Ayurveda, characteristics and diagnosis of diseases and abnormalities, attributes of tastes, channels of circulation, treatments, empirical soul, embryological development, individual and universe, constitution of physique, enumeration of organs, method of procreation, indications of immanent death, etc.

Volume II (Chikitsasthanam, kalpasthana, siddhisthana) deals primarily with therapeutics with section on prevention and health promotion; includes rejuvenation therapy, aphrodisiacs, treatment of various diseases, including TB, epilepsy & insanity. Different therapies & medical compounds and pharmaceuticals are set forth in detail; treatment of anemia, vomiting, herpes, poisoning, alcoholism, ulcers, emetics, and more.

Volume III Critical notes and commentary, in Sanskrit and translation, on the text presented in Volume I (Sutrasthana, Nidanasthana, Vimanasthana, Sarirasthana, Indriyasthana). Incorporates the commentary of Jejjata and Cakrapanidatta, representing the erly medieval period, and that of Gangadhara and Yogindranatha, from the modern era.

Volume IV (Chikitsasthanam: chapters 15 - 26) Present notes, in Sanskrit and translation, of Jejjata, Cakrapanidatta, Gangadhara, and Yogindranatha, keyed to texts presented in Volume II (Chikitsasthanam, kalpasthana, siddhisthana).
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